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Hi, I'm Shanela. :) Bronx born, Houston raised. This is an insight of my world. I fangirl, so I apologize in advance.
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one time we got a new kid in fifth grade and he walks right in and sticks his hand under the stapler and staples his hand and just looks at the teacher and goes “I’m going to the nurse” and leaves

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DIY henna part 2

hey check out dis blog yo it’s bitchin’

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“I regret my first kiss and all the people I have ever kissed. They were either bastards, liars, phases I went through or a waste of my time. I wish I was the girl that has not been kissed. I wish the first person I would have kissed was the love of my life or someone who is worthy of bruising my mind. I wish I could’ve been 30 and had my first kiss with someone who is perfect for me. Who cares if you have not had your first kiss. One day, prince charming would come and kiss you. Please, do not rush the process because of the stupid standards certain people have.”

Alexa Evangelista (via vodkakilledtheteens)

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“i honestly don’t remember doing that”

me about 85% of the things i’ve done (via jaclcfrost)

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